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  • Upcoming Opportunities to Show Your Support for Refuges

    At 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 22 and January 29, faithful people of all traditions will gather at the Burlington ICE office – Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  We walk in a spirit of prayer around the facility – led by a Cantor with a Shofar (a ram’s horn instrument).  We end with a brief worship service across from the ICE building.  The Burlington Interfaith Council sponsors these walks.  They last a bit less than an hour. But, there is opportunity for fellowship and sharing at the end.  The address is 10 New England Executive Park.  There is plenty of parking. 

    At 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 27 a group of local people of faith will travel to the ICE Detention Facility in South Bay, Boston.  We will gather for introductions and initial prayers at 2 pm and then march around to the side of the facility that houses immigrants detained by ICE.  From there, we are able to wave, show signs, sing, pray and chant in view of the detainees who crowd the windows. The men and women can see and hear us, wave back and know that they are not forgotten. This is a powerful opportunity to let our faith free – advocating for justice and peace among all people and respecting the dignity of every human being. By 3 pm we walk back to the starting point to return home. Want to join in this manifestation of support for those living inside the detention center?  You can, just let Judy know