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  • Update on Afghan Refugees: Roommate Needed

    Over the past two months we in the Metro north Cluster have experienced both forward motion and a setback for our efforts to support our two Afghan refugees, M and H.

    The setback: In March, with no notice to the support team or her roommate, H moved to Canada with her fianc√©. This was, of course, both unforeseeable and unforeseen, and a shock for all of us who had been working with her. We can only hope that H’s choice leads to happiness and a successful new life in Canada.

    Going forward, Metro North Cluster will need to secure a roommate for M. This is essential to ensure the housing costs for the apartment are shared between two people. We have sought help from Catholic Charities to assign us another refugee but at present there is not a suitable person to resettle.

    If you know of a single woman who is looking for apartment or if you are willing to helping us with our search for a roommate, please contact Linda Alexander or Bruce Alexander . (Specifics of apartment below.)

    M is doing well and has been learning English through about 8-9 hours of weekly, intensive sessions through the ESOL program at Jewish Vocational Services and work with volunteer tutors. Her improvement is notable. She also has mastered a considerable number of everyday living skills, including using appliances, shopping for groceries, writing a check, and notifying the landlord about a problem with the apartment.

    M recently has taken an entry-level job with a long-term goal of being a nurse in the US, as she was in Afghanistan.

    Apartment ad: Looking for roommate to share a spacious 2 bedroom, furnished apartment, third (top) floor walk-up. Three-minute walk to shopping and 5 minute walk to Malden Center T Station and buses. Share of rent is $1,125/month, plus half of electric utility (about $125).


    May 5, 2022