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  • Winchester Interfaith Resettlement Partnership (WIRP) Seeking Job Leads

    Here’s a note from one of the ministers at the Church of the Epiphany that we thought we would pass along. Through the Alexanders our church has been more connected to the resettlement efforts of the Refugee Immigrant Ministry out of Melrose (RIM) but this effort is an important one too. Please let us know if you have any ideas and we will send directly to you the man’s resume.


    Rev. Will

    Hello First Congregational,

    The Winchester Interfaith Resettlement Partnership (WIRP) has successfully resettled a family in Arlington and they have begun to make a life for themselves and their children. WIRP now has nearly 70 volunteers working under 15 different teams to provide healthcare, legal, educational, shopping and transportation needs of the family. Through all of this there has been a secure bond and trust with the family and our Interfaith Partnership.


    The father, Ihsanullah Rawan, has been working part time at a restaurant in Cambridge but the hours have changed and they cannot provide enough work for him. Ideally Ihsanullah would like to work part time-full time. I have attached his resume. He is a hard worker but his English holds him back from some positions.


    If you have any ideas of job possibilities in the Arlington/Somerville/Cambridge area (on public bus routes) please let me know so I can follow up with someone you may refer me to. I hope we can connect this hard worker young man with some job prospects soon.



    Rev. Bob Davidson,

    Winchester Interfaith Resettlement Partnership, 970-222-2390