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  • 2022 Stewardship Campaign


    In the midst of our Stewardship campaign, we ask you to consider the myriad ways that our church and church family has an impact on the world around us.


    This is an important time of year as we attempt to plan how we will live into the strategic vision we have set forth, and support the wonderful work of our different ministries. Laura Bailey offered a stewardship testimony this past Sunday, highlighting how the generosity of First Congregational has had an impact on so many at-risk women and teens. It was a perfect example of our intention to increase our reach beyond us to share our faith, love and hope with others. Other goals in the strategic plan include deepening faith and community through small groups, branching out through worship, arts, and justice work, and growing our children, youth and family program.


    This coming year we will be seeking and hiring a new Associate Pastor who will be responsible for our youth program. This is an exciting time for our church and this person will be an important addition to the ministry team. With an addition in 2022, and two retirements, one in mid-2022 and one in 2023, there will be a period of a temporary increase in the size of the ministry team and we will need to finance accordingly.”. Please consider how your own pledge will be used to support our church’s existing ministries and bringing in this important new member of the ministry team.


    Know that the earlier you can offer your pledge for 2022, the better the Leadership Team can plan with ministries for the upcoming year. You can use this form to make your pledge
    Thank you!


    And thank you to all who were able to send pictures to share with the congregation. We know you’ll enjoy the end result below!


    Your Financial Resource Ministry Team,
    Taylor Tresselt, Doug Clark, Jonathan Goodell, Ben Keeler, Penny Sparrow, John Wilson, Rev. Will Burhans, Janet Hall (Treasurer) & Anne Hoenicke (Assoc. Treasurer)