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  • Human Help for Computer Problems

    The longer we stay shut in, the more we’ll be using our computers, and the more likely to have to use them in unfamiliar ways (videoconferencing, for example). Which in turn means technical hiccups will pop up.


    Of course, there are scads of online/telephone resources for help with operating and fixing computers (YouTube DIY videos and ever-handy Google, for example). But sometimes, don’t you just want a human being to talk you through?


    I’m a 30-year computer hobbyist, and I’ve always loved helping friends and relatives with computer hiccups – and during this social distance time I’m happy to do the same for you. I’m adept with Macs, PCs (though somewhat less), as well as printers, mobile phones, applications like Zoom and Skype. I can even help you help you get your old computer upgraded (often, merely adding more memory solves hiccups), or help you buy a new one. And if I don’t know the answer to a problem, I’m really good at searching and finding one.


    Let me know if I can help. It’ll be my pleasure.


    You can reach me by phone and email:
    Andy Spiegel


    Need a referral? Rev. Will can vouch for me.