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  • Refocusing The Spire

    Dear loyal Spire contributor,

    Thank you so much for your articles and ongoing support of The Spire. Its not easy to carve out the time to write content, and your efforts are very much appreciated by our church community.

    As you know, much of our upcoming and recurring events are well-publicized in our weekly emails, which are so ably produced by Sarah Marino, our office manager and all-around rock star. Many of these events are then re-published in the Spire, which adds bulk to an already lengthy message.  

    With the support of the Leadership Team, we have decided to repurpose the Spire to focus more on ministries updates and seasonal spiritual content.

    Why is this happening?

    1. To increase communication and visibility between the ministries
    2. To reduce redundancies between the weekly and monthly emails
    3. To shorten and streamline the length of the Spire to increase readability
    4. To preserve a space for spiritual content from pastoral staff and church members

    What’s changing?

    1. The Spire will be published seasonally, six times per year, instead of monthly (see dates below).
    2. The due date for content will change, and ministries will have more time to compile quarterly updates.
    3. Upcoming events and recurring monthly events will continue to be published in the weekly email. However, a simplified “at-a-glance” events listing will be included in the Spire, where upcoming events for the next season will be available in one place.

    When will The Spire be published, and when is content due?

    2017-2018 Dates

    Advent/Christmas issue (Nov 26-Dec 31)
    Content due by Nov 25
    Winter issue (January and February)
    Content due by Dec 27
    Lent/Easter issue (Feb 14-Apr 1)
    Content due by Feb 5
    Spring issue (April, May, and June)
    Content due by Apr 5
    Summer issue (July and August)
    Content due by June 20
    Autumn issue (September, October, and November)
    Content due by Aug 24

    What if I have a monthly event, or my ministry needs to provide more frequent updates?

    Details of monthly and upcoming events will continue to be publicized in the weekly email and on our website. For more frequent ministry updates, a short abstract can be included in the weekly email, with a link to the full article on our website (similar to how the Spire currently operates).

    Who should I send my content to?

    You can continue to send your weekly news updates and upcoming events to Sarah. Ministries updates (Facilities, Leadership Team, Reno Garden, etc) and spiritual content (Ministry team letters, Seasons of the Spirit, Testimonies, etc) should go to Nancy. When in doubt, send it to both of us and we’ll sort it out!
    This is a work in progress, and your patience as we work out the kinks is appreciated! Please contact Nancy with questions, and thank you for your support.
    Your Spire Editor,

    -Nancy Kneiss