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  • Steeple Task Force Update

    Steeple conditions Spring 2019 – Click for larger view

    A recently formed group in the Church, the Steeple Task Force, has been working on five projects related to the Steeple. The projects are: repairing and painting the steeple, repairing the platforms and ladders for safe access to the highest levels inside the steeple, fixing the clocks, improving the exterior lighting at the top of the steeple, and reviewing the relationship with American Tower who has communication equipment in the steeple.

    The biggest and most expensive project is repairing and painting the steeple. Most in need of work is the spire, the uppermost part of the steeple. Records indicate the spire has not been painted in about thirty years. You can see from the picture accompanying this article that it is clearly in need of repair and painting. The rest of the spire is in similarly poor condition. After this past wet winter and spring, the deterioration is becoming evident even to people looking up from the street.

    Painting the steeple will take an estimated two to three months. Scaffolding will be required to reach all parts of the steeple. The scaffolding will be doubly useful if we can schedule the clock repairs and the lighting improvements for the same time. It is hoped that a detailed presentation will be made to the congregation in the Fall explaining the work to be done and the proposed funding to pay for this project.

    If there are questions about any of the five projects being worked on, please contact any of the Steeple Task Force members.

    —Tom Church, John Fiske, Bob Mcindoe, Dick Sayre and Jerry Vaughn.