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Due to public health concerns surrounding Covid-19, we have suspended group activities, including in-sanctuary worship, until further notice. However, we encourage you to join our lively and faithful community online—we are active throughout the week and invite you to explore your faith with us.

Second Sunday in Lent Worship 10:00 AM February  28, 2021


Now we are really into Lent – the second week of the six weeks. In the scripture from Mark, Jesus is just beginning to prepare his disciples for what is coming. He also claims the title Messiah for the first time. Our service will begin with a video of the first lighting of the Steeple since all the work has been done and new lighting installed. We will also welcome one more member of the Rose family into our congregation. Quincey Rose was baptized this week and we’ve captured a few photos of the event. We hope that you will join us at 10:00 on Sunday morning but remember if you can’t make that time slot, you can view the video on your own schedule. We are all worshipping together whether at the same time or not.


Download the Worship Bulletin Here: Bulletin Sunday Feb 28 2021


Ripley Presents: Artist/Activist Willie Baronet’s Signs of Humanity

Friday, February 19, 7:00 pm


On Friday evening, 2/19, please join us for an all-church Watch Party – where we can, from the safety of our homes, watch the same film together! The watch party format allows us to communicate with chats and comments along the way. We will be viewing artist Willie Baronet’s moving Signs of Humanity, a documentary film that explores interrelated themes of home, homelessness, compassion, and humanity.


How will we watch it together?


This link will bring you to the documentary watch party. (If you click on the link before 7:00 pm on Friday, you will come to a static screen – without any ability to watch the movie). FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS, THE DOCUMENTARY CAN ONLY BE SEEN (IN THE WATCH PARTY) ON A COMPUTER WEB BROWSER. You may also choose to watch the film on Amazon Prime at any time on any device or television.


If you are a member of Amazon Prime, the film is free of charge. If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, you can join the watch party by renting the film for $3.99. I suggest that you have your credit card ready at the time you hit the link. The proceeds will go to Baronet’s organization, We Are All Homeless.


When you enter the Watch Party, you will not be able to start the film yourself. I will welcome you all (in the chat function!) and begin the actual documentary at @ 7:05 p.m. By establishing the Watch Party, I have control over the film (start, pause, stop, rewind, etc… ). My intention is to begin the film without interruption. It is relatively short, @ 62 minutes long. We can all communicate with comments, chat, etc…


Why are we watching Signs of Humanity? On Friday, February 26, 7:00 pm, Ripley Presents will host an interactive Zoom presentation with Artist/Activist Willie Baronet and his project entitled We Are All Homeless. Many thanks to Andy Spiegel for introducing us to Willie and his moving project. Willie will offer his passionate reflections, sharing the stories of people on the streets, interweaving them with themes like purpose, mission, creativity, leadership and the meaning of home.


Ultimately, in late fall 2021, Ripley Presents will host an art installation of Willie Baronet’s homeless signs in Ripley Chapel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane Ring Frank.


Tuesdays with Jesus (on Zoom) during Lent
Starting Tuesday, Feb 23, 6-7pm

Each year during Lent we gather with one another (in-person or on-line) on Tuesday evenings to read, listen and discuss together scripture, a theology book, or faith testimonies from the people of our congregation.  It is always a rich opportunity to gather in Jesus’ name and deepen our relationship with God and with one another. This year in 2021 we are reading 6 chapters from the book “Trouble the Water, A Christian Resource for the Work of Racial Justice”.  We will gather at 6pm on-line each Tuesday of Lent. read more


Divine Yoga


Chair Yoga


Nourish your mind, body and soul with some Divine Yoga. Join Christine Tresselt for two opportunities to practice yoga together, in community. Invite your family, neighbors, co-workers–it is open to all. Starting October 27th, take a mid-morning break for CHAIR YOGA, every Tuesday from 11:00am until 11:30pm. This can be a nice break, no matter what your day holds. Find a comfortable chair and gather a blanket, maybe blocks or a stack of books and a sofa pillow or two for a lovely, 30-minute chair-based flow.

Zoom link


Divine Flow


Gentle Yoga alternating Wednesday Evenings at 5:30pm!

Find a little bit of floor space where you can stretch out, a blanket, a throw pillow and/or yoga blocks and meet us at 5:30pm for a 45-minute floor based practice. We’ll move, stretch and meditate together–all at your own pace!

Gentle Yoga will meet on the following Wednesday nights from 5:30-6:15pm:

January 27th
February 10th
February 24th
March 10th
March 24th
April 7th
April 21st
May 5th
May 19th
June 2nd


Feel free to reach out to Christine at with any questions.


Zoom link

Centering Prayer in the Reno Garden

(postponed through winter, hope to start back up in the spring)

Wednesday Mornings, 6:30-7:00 am

“Do not be afraid” Jesus says many times in the Gospels and his words resonate across the centuries and into this fall of 2020. There is much anxiety about the new school year, the upcoming election, a possible second wave of the virus… but our call as Christians is to lean into our faith and not give into fear so that we can be sources of love and hope in a world that needs all the love and hope it can get. One practical way of leaning into our faith, resting in God’s presence, and releasing fear is through the practice of Centering Prayer and meditation. We are inviting you to join us in person (with masks and socially distanced) in the Reno Garden early on Wednesday mornings for a time to sit together in prayer. We’ll begin with a reading, hold 20 minutes of silent prayer and then end with a closing prayer. Bring your own chair, stool, pillow or whatever meditation implement you need.

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Get to know members of the Ministry Team as they share their thoughts during this unusual time!

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There is no time like the present to update our church records so we can serve you during this crisis and into the future. Please use this form to enter your information: Emergency Contact Request, which will then be made available to the ministry team.