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  • Jazz Worship on Feb. 11

    Sunday Feb.11 at 10 AM
    It’s the last Sunday of the season of Epiphany and we are just a few days away from the start of Lent.  We will go out with a bang! as our Minister of Music and Worship Arts,  Jane Ring Frank, has pulled together a Jazz Band with keyboard, bass, drums, saxophone, and trombone to offer an energetic toe-tapping service of worship and praise.  The children will “bury the alleluia’s” for the Lenten season and as always on the last Sunday of Epiphany we consider the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus which is told in the Gospel of Mark chapter 9.  After worship (and for members, after the budget vote) we’ll gather in Chidley Hall for Mardi-Gras style King’s Cake and other edibles. We hope you can join us… and consider bringing a friend!