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  • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Vigil

    April 9-10

    Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake and pray with him during his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before his death. We respond to Jesus’ call by holding vigil in our still and darkened Sanctuary, being present with Creator, Christ, and Spirit overnight from Maundy Thursday into Good Friday.  After the shadows gather around the Christ Candle at the close of the Tenebrae service on April 9th, we begin vigil at 9:00 PM. We break our vigil with a brief closing service at noon on Good Friday, April 10th, witnessing Christ’s sacrifice and releasing ourselves and each other into Holy Saturday.

    Many past participants have shared that they find that the Tenebrae, vigil, and closing service deeply and profoundly nourishing, and that keeping vigil with Christ — whether for a short while or long — enriches their experience of Holy Week and makes the Easter celebration even more jubilant.  Will you experience all that keeping vigil has to offer you this year?

    All are invited to help keep watch for whatever duration your spirit desires, and all are welcome to arrive and depart at any time during the vigil. Feel free to come inhabit the sacred dark night alone, with family members, or with friends and neighbors. You don’t even need to sign up!

    If your spirit and flesh are willing to commit to hold the Sanctuary space for a specified hour, please sign up to serve as a vigil Anchor. We seek two Anchors for each hour of the Vigil to ensure we keep continuous watch through the night. No special training, skills, or theological insights are required. Just be present. The sign up sheet for Anchors is located in the Church lobby. If you have any questions, please contact Julianne Zimmerman at 617-821-1067.

    Come: all are invited!

    —The Maundy Thursday Vigil Pop Up Ministry