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  • Advent Visitation Sunday on December 4

    On December 4, we are planning in-home visits with several of our elders and congregation members who aren’t able to make Sunday worship routinely.  Many of you have expressed interest in participating in these visits as part of your own faith journey.

    Our seniors look forward to these visits as a way to stay connected with their church community.  This is an opportunity for you to share the Advent message, offer communion as it is the first Sunday of the month and be prayerfully present to the joys and concerns of the person visited.  Always of interest is knowing what is going on with our church – the on-going changes to the Sunday service, thoughts about Ripley Chapel, and themes from sermons – to bond with lifelong members of the church.

    We will meet after Sunday worship at 11:30 in the Health Ministry Office. There we’ll prepare for the visits under Judy Arnold and Kathleen Zagata’s guidance, learn about the members we are meeting, and share a lunch before departing around 12:15. The visits are timed at the end of their lunch. We travel in pairs and return to church by 1:45 PM.

    If you’ve never done this, or if this is the highlight of your year, please check your schedules and contact Stephen or Kathleen by Tuesday, Nov 29th  to let us know you’d like to participate.

    —Stephen Haggett, Health Ministry Member