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  • Ripley Year-End Update 2017

    Things are beginning to happen! 

    Small things, but early stages of our Ripley Chapel renovation are unfolding.  Last week we signed an agreement with Torrey Architecture, Inc. to provide the architectural services.  David Torrey, with our Ripley Chapel Working Group, has developed an overall plan for the project that includes preparing a final design, construction preparation and the construction phase itself.

    This week David Torrey and a small crew from Kaplan Construction spent time creating test holes in the walls and floor of Ripley.  This is a crucial step to understanding what is behind or underneath and what the implications will be for our final design and budgeting.  Soon we will have a hazardous materials analysis done to see what, if any, risks there would be during the construction phase that need to be mitigated.  You will notice some patches that are left behind.  For now Ripley can still be used.

    Over the next 4 to 6 weeks we will be bringing on a construction manager to collaborate with David concerning the practical aspects of our design and developing fine-tuned cost estimates.

    The Working Group will be closely involved every step of the way.  Our near term goal is to complete the Final Design and then hold one or more hearings to show what we recommend and answer everyone’s questions.  Our target is a Congregational meeting by March to gain approval of the plans. 

    We have a pretty aggressive project plan sketched out.  We are reaching for a goal of construction beginning by summer.  Most of the work should take place during the summer with completion being sometime in the fall.  Please note that this timeline is very soft.  We need to complete the Final Design and budget before we can accurately predict project completion.

    —Bruce Alexander, for the Ripley Chapel Working Group.