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  • Epiphany Celebration

    Sunday January 6, 6:00 PM

    Join the Wise Men in Searching for the Baby Jesus

    Most people know that the Wise Men brought to the Christ Child. What you might not know is that those gifts were given, not on Christmas Day, but on Epiphany. Epiphany is January 6th – the 12th day after Christmas. That’s right – the 12th day – 12 drummers drumming. This is how it goes: we begin with a potluck dinner – around 5:30.  There’s a special dessert with a secret about it. After dinner, three special Wise Ones – lead the group through the darkened church building – guided by a few battery-powered candles – to locate the star over the baby in the manger. When we find the baby we, like the Wise Men before us, will worship him.

    Also like the Wise Men we will lay gifts before the Christ Child. Like the baby Jesus, many children in Massachusetts do not have a place to lay down their sweet heads. The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless is trying to change that with their A Bed for Every Child project. We urge everyone to bring their gift in the form of money to support that program, thus responding to Christ’s birth with generosity and ensuring that every child has a place to dream.

    We will sing a few songs and hear a story. Then, also like the Wise Men, we will continue our journey home – carrying with us a special instruction and a special blessing. This is a great family event – kids love the search for the baby through the dark church. It’s a great way to continue Christmas beyond the presents and the tree. The whole celebration should be finished by 7:30 PM.