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    Leaders for our upcoming small groups are almost in place and we hope to be sending out sign-ups soon for you to participate in this faith based opportunity. We could use a few more leaders if you’re interested? All materials will be provided for you and your co-leader.

    Our first topic is “Welcoming the Stranger”. Are YOU willing or able to “Welcome” some congregants into your home? We’d love to have these groups of 8 – 12 people meet in a comfortable, homey atmosphere. The bi-monthly schedule for the meetings would completely depend on your availability. You do not have to be a leader to provide your home.

    We plan to start in early November and run through early February. We encourage your participation as a regular attendee, or whenever you can make it. Attendance will not be taken! The desire is for each group to develop into a caring community through discussion and action.

    We hope that the outcome of these groups will be greater friendships, a closeness that weaves us together outside of Sunday morning … and a greater joy in our faith. Please contact the following people if you can offer your home or lead a group.

    Penny Sparrow pjsparrow2@gmail.com

    Cindy Wankowicz cindywankowicz@gmail.com

    Jonathan Goodell jcg.3bell@gmail.com