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  • 2 More Christmas Eve Services Added!

    The first two Parking Lot Christmas Eve Services filled up very quickly so we’ve decided to add two more services.  There will be a service at 4pm and at 7pm in addition to 5pm and 6pm. Services will run between 20 to 30 minutes.  To attend in person, signing up is required.


    We also want to highlight that we are hiring a professional outfit to LIVE STREAM the services to your homes and they will be doing so with multiple cameras and an excellent sound system.  We’ve chosen to do this so that our whole community can be a part of this joyful and sacred celebration.

    Again, if further restrictions are put in place due to the pandemic or the weather is inclement, a few of us from the Ministry Team will live stream from the sanctuary at 5pm and 6pm for everyone.


    One way or another, all will be able to lift hearts in prayer and worship to God on this most sacred night!




    Hello Congregation,


    As you’ve likely heard, we’ll be holding our Christmas Eve Services outside in the Vine St parking lot at 5pm and 6pm on December 24th. For safety’s sake, we are limiting the numbers to 50 people per service and asking for you and your families to be masked, keep socially distant, and sign up ahead of time.  For those who are uncomfortable attending in person, we plan to livestream these services and will send out a link closer to Christmas Eve so you can still join us “live”.


    Each service will run for about 30 minutes.  There will be music, scripture, candle lighting, prayer and a culminating celebration of the bells.  You are encouraged to park on the Dix St side of the church and in town since cars will not be allowed in the parking lot. Please bring your own chairs and dress according to what the weather dictates.  If we need to cancel due to pandemic concerns or poor weather conditions we will livestream the services from the sanctuary for everyone.


    We look forward to celebrating Christ’s birth with you and our whole church community!


    Advent Blessings,

    Rev. Will Burhans

    (on behalf of the Ministry Team and Deacons)