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  • Service of Light

    Invitation to the Service of Light

    Thursday, December 17 at 7:00 PM,

    by Zoom from Ripley Chapel

    FCC  21 Church St, Winchester MA


    “Ring the bell that still can ring”

    The Service of Light is a way our church family remembers those who experience a loss of joy this holiday season. Blessed are those who are lonely, grieve the loss of a loved one, experience a health crisis or financial insecurity in this time of the pandemic and physical distancing. We welcome you.

    Forget the perfect offering”

    The Service of light was first held in 2001, a response to our collective mourning in the wake of 9/11. Since then, church members, neighbors and friends come for a given year or return yearly to find a still point in the midst of the seasonal rush or to remember. This year it may be a personal challenge, family grief or our collective anxiety that calls you.

    “There is a crack, a crack in everything”

    In this season of the longest night when the heart is heavy with fear, emotional pain, broken dreams, change and transitions, connecting with the season’s message may be difficult. Yet, on reflection we are reminded that struggle and bewilderment were not foreign to Joseph and Mary on their journey. Jesus himself was no stranger to being an outsider, displaced, a refugee.

    “That’s how the light gets in.” **

    Designed to move from darkness to hope, the music, readings and candle lighting in the warmth of community open us to God’s quiet presence. We pray that our lives will be graced with the true gifts of the season, a peace which surpasses all understanding; Love Divine and encouragement that sustain through the longest night.

    The service is open to the wider community. Invite friends and loved ones who are having difficulties. Hosted each year by Health Ministry, direct questions to Kathleenzag@gmail.com.   .

    —Kathleen Zagata, Health Minister

    **Quote by Leonard Cohen