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  • Bible Study—Four Sundays in January

    January 8, January 15, January 22, and January 29
    9:00 AM – 9:45 AM, Henry Room

    “Epiphany: the season of the weird. It starts on January 6, twelve days after Christmas, when the Magi, three foreign kings or astronomers or both, arrive at Jesus’ cradle bearing an odd assortment of gifts: gold for a king, frankincense, an incense, and myrrh, the fragrant ointment used to anoint the dead.”

    —Nora Gallagher, Things Seen and Unseen

    The “season of the weird.” Does this sound familiar? Does this not describe our nation and our world today? Are we living in a season of the weird? How do we balance what we see and hear and experience in the “real” world with the Kingdom of God, with the world that God is calling us to create. Where is God and what is God calling us to do?

    Please join us for Bible Study in January during the liturgical season of Epiphany. We will read from Isaiah and Micah, prophets of ancient Israel who lived some 700 years before the birth of Jesus; who wrote during times of war and invasion, times of exile and suffering, times of hopelessness and despair. We will explore their prophesies of divine judgment and restoration through the coming of the Christ, and what that means for us today.