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  • Building Rentals 2022-2023

    As we approach the beginning of the new Liturgical Year, I wanted to give an update of the building use for the upcoming year.  We have been fortunate to have added new renters in the past year and renewed contracts with our returning 2023 regular renters.


    Neighborhood Community Nursery School (NCNS) will be starting with a new director, Heather Pacheco, and entering their fourth year of a five-year contract. Ms. Pacheco was a student at NCNS and has been a teacher at NCNS prior to becoming the director.

    Winchester School of Chinese Culture (WSCC) will return with a new team leader. Ms. Lei Lei (Lily) He will replace Betty Jaw who has retired.  Ms.He has been serving with WSCC at FCCW for many years and this should be a seamless transition.

    Lotus Pond Painting Studio began at FCCW in the fall of 2019. They return on Saturday & Sunday afternoons in the Henry Room. Their program has expanded slightly, and they will have an art history class once each afternoon in the Stone Room. The students toured the “We Are All Homeless” exhibit in Ripley Chapel and displayed some of their artwork for the Ripley Presents Eco Music Project this past spring.

    Rick Wong’s Chinese Martial Arts Center began at FCCW in early October 2021 with a beginner Tai Chi class followed by an Intermediate/Advanced Tai Chi class. Saifu Rick has expanded his program to include Wushu Kung Fu.  Classes are Wednesday nights in Chidley Hall.  Kung Fu begins at 5:45 pm, Beginner Tai Chi at 7:00 pm and Intermediate Tai Chi at 8:00 pm.

    Rockabye Beats began in the fall of 2021 with an interactive music program. They offer immersive music classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers where they can sing, play, explore instruments, dance, learn a little Spanish, and show off their goofy side. It’s a chance for children and parents to have fun, make new friends, and come together as a community to jump into the world of music!

    Pam Gaither Yoga. Pam has been holding 5-week classes at FCCW in late July and August since 2019. She has a regular following at the Church of the Epiphany but has been displaced when they are doing renovations at the church.

    Sal Caraviello Counseling and Ministry. Sal started in Room 310 on the third floor in August 2021. Sal was a victim of COVID as he was supposed to move into the church March 2020. Sal is well known in Winchester as he was previously the youth minister in St. Mary’s Church community.

    Winchester Foundation for Education Excellence (WFFE) rents Room 308 on the third floor.  WFEE was founded in 1992 and raises funds to assist the Winchester Schools in improving programs by providing education and professional development grants and system wide initiatives. Caren Connelly is the Executive Director and regularly spends time in the building.

    Artist Studios on 3rd Floor – Currently Tracy Vartenigian Burhans, oil painter and wife of our Lead Pastor Rev. Will Burhans, has her art studio on the 3rd floor. Tracy welcomes people to check out her space and her work if interested. As a part of our Strategic Plan to support the arts, we hope to invite other artists to rent space on the 3rd floor in the coming year.