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  • Mask Policy Update for Sanctuary Worship

    • As summer ends and we transition from Ripley Chapel back into the sanctuary, we welcome people to wear masks but are no longer requiring it for public worship.
    • We encourage healthy distancing among people in the sanctuary given the singing nature of our worship services. Remember the balcony is available for more spacing.
    • The choir will continue to wear masks for the time being given their close proximity to one another and the nature of aerosol transmissions.
    • All services will continue to be offered both in-person and on-line, enabling everyone to worship with us in a way that’s comfortable to them.
    • Please follow CDC guidelines if you’ve tested positive for COVID or have had possible exposure and monitor symptoms before deciding to attend in person
    • We will continue to monitor the COVID situation through the fall and will let you know if we need to require masks again.