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  • FCCW COVID-19 Financial Response Fund (FRF) is launched.

    You’ve probably received a letter telling you that the recipient of this year’s Easter Offering is the FCCW Covid-19 Financial Response Fund (FRF).   Representatives from Deacons (Jenny Splaine), Outreach (Lisa Loughlin), Leadership Team (David Peretti) and the Ministry Team (Judy Arnold) are the team which will shepherd this fund.  Along with funds from the Easter Offering, the Pastor’s and Deacon’s Fund, Outreach, the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund and Health Ministry will contribute substantially to the FRF.  The purpose of the FRF is to support you, the congregation, if you experience financial challenges due to the Covid-19 virus.  These challenges could be household expenses, medical expenses, housing needs or other virus related needs.  Our goal is to be as helpful as possible while keeping in mind the breadth and length of the shock waves of Covid-19.  We expect the need to be long lived and varied and hope to be there to respond throughout.  Needs in other areas will continue and the Pastor’s and Deacon’s Fund, the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund and Outreach will continue to respond to those and continue to receive contributions.  Should you want to receive financial help due to the Covid-19 ,  there is a simple and confidential form at this link.  There will be a simple application form for the FRF in the church lobby once we are back out into the world.  Confidentiality will be maintained with Pastor Judy as the only team member to receive the application.  Of course, you may not have a computer and you are dutifully staying in your home, so you can always call her:  781-820-2410.