• FCCW & MACUCC joining together for the Green Congregation Challenge

    Dear Friends,

    Given the interest in last year’s Earth Communion Sunday (10/1/17) and the 11th Hour Presentation/Luncheon that followed – a working team has since come together given the exciting possibilities for us as congregation and church.
    Appreciating that today’s environmental realities call us to examine how we live, the Massachusetts Conference Environmental Ministries has launched an initiative to certify local UCC churches with three levels of achievement. With your help, churches like ours, that put an emphasis on being part of the solution, are recognized and celebrated for their commitment to moral and responsible choices concerning the care of God’s good creation.

    Exciting news will be soon forthcoming about the Green Congregation Challenge, and the concrete and achieveable steps that are already being taken.   Stay tuned!

     ~The Green Congregation Challenge Taskforce

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