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  • How WE can help in Ukraine

    Update: It’s great to know that many in our congregation have responded so quickly with donations to Last Bell Ministries! Please note that if you are seeking to give through a donor-advised fund (such as Fidelity Charitable Gift, for instance), the charity may be found as “Eastern European Children’s Outreach,” which is Last Bell’s legal charitable name.

    from Liz Sayre Feb 28, 2022

    Over the years, our son Michael’s family has been involved with several orphanages in Ukraine. Since first visiting Ukraine (2010) and adopting our granddaughter Sophia (2012), they have volunteered at and continue to support Last Bell Ministries, a non-profit mission that helps orphanage graduates (ages 15 and up) learn to thrive. From Last Bell’s mission statement: “We guide them to lives of hope and purpose while showing them Christ’s love. We begin by providing for basic needs. We engage them in a loving community, offer spiritual and lifestyle mentoring, and then provide vocational development.”


    Andrey and Oksana Pankyeyer are co-directors of Last Bell in Zyytomyr, Ukraine, about two hours west of Kyiv. Though the extent of damage is currently unknown, it was reported that a military base outside of Zytomyr was hit yesterday (2/27/22). Last week Oksana wrote the following to Michael:


    Please keep praying for Ukraine and for our people as they listen to God’s leading:

    • For Putin’s plans to be thwarted, and for Ukraine to remain an independent nation;
    • For the leaders of our country, and for world leaders as they respond to the crisis;
    • For Last Bell leadership as they make plans and decisions;
    • For the shedding of blood to be minimal;
    • For wisdom for our staff as they determine how best to care for our youth, many of whom are absolutely dependent on our support;
    • For protection for orphaned youth and other vulnerable people in our city and in our country;
    • For God’s supernatural “peace that passes all understanding”.


    Last Bell would be so grateful for our prayers. Directions for sending financial donations (safely) can be found at www.lastbell.org. Stories of their varied programs can be found on Facebook along with pictures of residents and staff sheltering during recent attacks.


    Liz Sayre 2/28/22