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  • Ripley Chapel Report #5

    September 12, 2019

    Work is progressing much more intensely now.  Work on the cast stone surround of the new window opening was completed this week with work continuing to prepare for the installation of the new window which should be completed soon.  Painting has begun and the plumbers are finishing the installation of the steam radiators.  Plastering work is to begin today.


    Seaver Construction and the many sub-contractors are striving to achieve “substantial completion” by the end of this month.  That will mean the interior of the chapel will be done and we can begin to use it in October.  Unfortunately there are two significant items that will be delayed due to a back up of work by the fabricators:  the new Chapel wood door and the handicapped accessible Ripley Entrance door.  While we wait for these products to be made and delivered to the site, the old doors will remain in place. We are working closely with Seaver to facilitate progress and avoid any further delay points.


    The window opening with its cast stone surround.


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