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  • Our Young People and Their Future: Will you join them?

    Ultimately, the only way we can demonstrate love – be it for our children, our youth and our planet – is to show up.   Words alone are insufficient.   Empty promises ring hollow.

    Next Friday, Sept. 20th begins a week-long opportunity to be in solidarity with our children and youth.    The Climate Strike signifies that the youngest on our planet are being asked to bear the heaviest cost.  As people of faith, we know that the destruction of God’s beloved creation is not just wrong and unjust but in particular, is downright immoral.

    The Southern New England conferences have issued a clarion call to each of us – to undertake an action that is meaningful, commendable and most of all, demonstrates love.  Throughout the week of Sept. 20th through the 27th, marches, rallies and other events are being held in locations across New England, throughout the United States and the world (find events near you here.)  As the Massachusetts Conference Environmental Ministries Task Team, we implore you to join hands with those striking.

    We have three simple requests:

    1. Encourage and support the young people in your church and your community.  Stand behind them and give them courage.
    2. Let us know what your church is doing on Sept 20 and the following week.  Use this link  on the Southern New England UCC websites to tell us, and then check back here to see what other churches are doing.
    3. “Show up”. Attend an event, show your support. This blog from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes why we need to support our young people.

    And when you organize or attend an event, please take photos and share them with us.  Send them, with descriptions, to Karen Methot.

    Your Massachusetts Environmental Ministries Team

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