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    The recipient this year of our annual Just Peace offering was Haley House of Roxbury. Haley House addresses basic human needs through five interconnected branches including a soup kitchen and food pantry, as well as a housing program offering affordable housing for low-income families and formerly homeless individuals. Once again, the generosity of this congregation has contributed to the welfare of many persons in need of a helping hand with a contribution of $4,550! In a time of hardship for many, your generous giving will make a significant difference. Thank you for being the loving and compassionate people you are.
    The Mission and Outreach Ministry


    Dear Friends and Members of First Congregational Church:

    October is a time in our church family life when we collect a special offering specifically focused on areas of justice and peace. Our denomination calls this our ‘Just Peace’ Offering. This always resonates deeply with the lived values of our faith, and 2020 has certainly brought justice and peace to the forefront.


    The Outreach Ministry gets to do many fun things to impact our town, broader community, country, and world (hint hint – we would love to have you join us!! Send an email to betsygoodelll@gmail.com to check us out!).


    One of our tasks is choosing the organization to receive our Just Peace offering.


    This year it was easy. Amid all of us wrestling with racism, justice, and access to a better future for every family, a few of your hale and hearty Outreach ministry members have had a chance to visit and be part of Haley House. We encourage you to venture out and visit them and we are happy to be designating Haley House as our Just Peace 2020 offering.


    Haley House is steps from Dudley Square in Roxbury. At Haley House, there is direct work to empower community members to participate in and make the way to a better and stronger future for themselves and their neighborhood. Through an amazing coffee shop and cafe they provide a community gathering place powered by Roxbury residents who learn to cook, serve, and mange a small business. They also provide a soup kitchen, elder meal program, and urban farming outreach. Since food and shelter and the most basic of needs, Haley House also manages over 100 affordable housing units in the South End, many of which are reserved for those transitioning from shelters.
    Haley House is dedicated to helping those made vulnerable by the harshest effects of inequality move toward wholeness and economic independence. They offer collaborative living and working environments to:


    • Build communities and connections across boundaries
    • Model creative alternatives that confirm the intrinsic dignity and worth of each person
    • Challenge the attitudes and structures that perpetuate suffering

    Let’s use our resources to make justice flow like a river with our Haley House friends who are directly engaged in support, social justice, and access programs. Thank you for being generous with our Just Peace offering to Haley House! Donations can be made through check, PayPal, or Venmo. Just write “Just Peace” or “Haley House” in the memo field.


    With faith, joy, and gratitude


    Your Outreach teammates – Janet Vaughn, Patricia Brady, Julia Daggett, Lenore. Eforo, Laura Bailey, Lauren Seibold, Sarah Girotti, Betsy Goodell

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