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  • Chester’s Request – Pet Pictures Please!

    Hello Human Church,

    I’m Chester Ring Frank reminding you that the traditional Animal Blessing Service (with the Jazz Band) is coming up on October 18th! The Ministry Team has asked me to look very cute (check) and invite you to send in a picture or two of the animals in your house so that we all may receive a virtual blessing.

    I know we’d all rather be sniffing one another in person but this will have to do. They’ll put all of our pictures together in a sweet way to honor “all of God’s critters who have a place in the choir”!

    What they are telling me is that you should upload your picture by going here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_MKBGIqi-pfeuMLfx6tQbtRbhoi-4iH6

    In the file title put your animal’s name; for example my picture will have the title: “ChesterRingFrank.jpeg”

    If you have any struggles with this, you can send your picture to the human cat-lover who sits in the church office named Sarah and she will get your animal’s picture into the folder for you – send to fccwinchester@gmail.com

    Thank you very much and good job keeping your humans comforted during this strange and stressful time for them!

    Doggedly Yours,