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  • Let’s Talk About Faith Series Follow-Up

    3d343fdd-56d7-47ca-933a-4906ea0b27cfWhat is faith?
    How do you “get it?”
    What do you do with it?

    These were the questions we grappled with in the recent series sponsored by the Faith Exploration Ministry. Over three consecutive Sundays after the worship service, we gathered in a large group and brainstormed what we mean by “faith,” how we define it, and how we describe it. We gathered in small groups to share personal faith experiences. We built an altar with objects which represented or spoke to our faith. We read scripture and explored the writings of several theologians/writers about faith. We watched a video clip about Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch woman whose family harbored Jews during World War II and had her faith tested in a concentration camp. We talked about prayer, fear and doubt, trust, belief, and love. We talked about faith as a journey, and the possible ebb and flow of faith. We talked about spiritual practices and how community and church shapes our faith. We listened to each other and spoke or didn’t speak, honoring each other’s comfort level in sharing. All in all, it seems we barely scratched the surface about faith.

    We thank each of our participants for their generosity, courage and curiosity. During our time together, people shared a number of resources that were helpful to them, and we have started a faith resource list, which we plan to share with the congregation. We invite the greater church community to participate in this venture. Please email any suggestions of faith-related books, articles, videos, internet links, etc. by December 15 to Laurie Roby at lauriefroby@gmail.com.

    We will keep you posted about upcoming events. Let’s keep talking about and listening for God in our lives!

    With gratitude from the Faith Exploration Ministry:

    —Judy Arnold, Sarah Gallop, Anne Hoenicke, Jack Howland, Andy McKinley, Karen Robers, and Laurie Roby