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  • The Leadership Team Has Questions!

    leader-wThe Leadership Team and Diaconate always wants to hear from you….

    …but now we’ll be holding clipboards.

    The Leadership Team, the Diaconate, and others want to learn more about your joys and concerns as they pertain to our church. Over the course of the next few Sundays, we will be coming around before and after worship (and seeking you out!) to discuss some basic questions with you:

    1. What about FCCW is most important in helping you live into our purpose?
    2. Are there parts of the previous organizational structure that you miss?
    3. What about FCCW could be better?
    4. What do you think we should be talking about, but aren’t?

    We wouldn’t expect any of these conversations to take more than a few minutes and hope you are willing to share your thoughts and ideas. If immediately before or after worship is not a convenient time, but you are still willing and interested in joining the discussion, please feel free to contact Taylor Tresselt , Kim Farina or Dina Pradel for a simple conversation by phone.