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  • Letter from ArCS Cluster


    Dear Friends,


    As we gear up to start receiving evacuees from Afghanistan over the next few weeks, we are facing an even more urgent crisis. One of our guests, Mukisa (not his real name) is currently in Jamaica Plain, but he’s losing his housing at the end of this month, and will become homeless if we can’t find a place for him.


    Mukisa had polio as a child and so he cannot walk. But besides that, he does not need any special accommodations. His wheelchair is very thin and his upper body is healthy so he can maneuver all through a house, cook, clean, etc.  He just needs a place where he can get in the front door, and where there is a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor.


    He works full time at Home Depot and speaks English fluently. He is charming, can pay rent of  $1,000 per month (maybe a little more) and would be very happy with a room in a house (he does not need his own apartment).


    Two of our amazing volunteers have been looking for housing for him for months but without success so far. If we don’t find something by the end of the month, he’ll have to go to Pine Street Inn. That is not a great place for anyone, and it’s worse if you’re in a wheelchair.


    I know many of you personally, so I am asking this as a favor to me: Please think about whether you, or anyone you know, has an accessible room they would like to rent for $1,000 per month. And please repost this request to any appropriate lists you are on. If you have any leads, please send them to ArcsCluster@gmail.com.


    Thanks very much for taking this seriously!


    Next email will be an update on Afghan evacuees. Stay tuned!


    Eric Segal – for ArCS Cluster


    For more information, please check out our web site: https://www.arcscluster.org/.
    Additionally, if you have questions, please contact us at arcscluster@gmail.com