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  • Pastor’s Reflection: “Call to Vigil”

    “Call to Vigil”
    Rev. Will Burhans

    July 11, 2019

    Jesus tangled with politics when he healed a stranger on the Sabbath.

    Jesus tangled with politics when he shamed a few “good” men who were preparing – rocks in hand – to exact justice on a woman caught in adultery.

    Jesus tangled with politics when he submitted himself to capital punishment by crucifixion, revealing the depraved injustice of Rome’s renowned justice system.

    Many say “be careful tangling church and politics!” I agree we should be careful.

    But “careful” does not mean keeping the church a place of personal spirituality and silenced on broader issues of human welfare.

    When Jesus, the Son of God – a politically loaded emperor’s title, btw – offered us examples for how we should be, he pointed directly, time and time again, to how we treat the foreigner and the stranger. Herding groups of them into detention centers to keep them apart from us is antithetical to His gospel.

    Won’t you be careful tangling church and politics with me and Rev. Judy and consider coming on Friday night at 7pm to the steps of the State House to hold vigil for an end to our country’s detention camps? We’ll be joined by thousands and thousands of others across our country all calling for the same thing. Email me if you are interested and for more information see www.lightsforliberty.org


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