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  • Regathering Team News 11/26/21

    Regathering Team News 

    November 26, 2021

    A few updates on our building safety from the Regathering Team.


    Key Highlights:

    As we all move indoors for the winter months, we are staying vigilant about masking, ventilation, and social distancing measures.


    Our worship and other church activities will continue to require masks and encourage vaccinations.


    We strongly recommend that our volunteers who work with vulnerable people such as children and seniors be vaccinated or have a recent negative COVID test. That said, we are not mandating vaccinations.


    However, events including memorial services, weddings, etc., may require proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID tests, per the discretion of the host.


    We are not limiting capacity for inside events, and we have discontinued the sign-in for worship.


    While we discourage eating inside, some events will offer refreshments indoors. In those cases, masks can be taken off briefly to eat or drink.


    We will keep some Sanctuary windows open during worship as much as possible. When using Chidley Hall, we will open the playground doors and the Dix Street kitchen door to increase ventilation. The air purifiers we use for Ripley Chapel can be moved to other smaller areas of the church for committee meetings. Because the Sanctuary and Chidley Hall spaces are so large, our air purifiers are not effective.


    The other groups who use our building, including the Nursery School, Chinese School, and Scouts, are also following these guidelines.


    We continue to follow the changing conditions. We’ve created this QR code that you can scan to get our most up-to-date COVID-related decisions about worship and other activities in our beloved building.


    Yours in Faith,


    The Regathering Team: Ed Banzy, Will Burhans, Regina Campbell, Kate Carpini, Jane Ring Frank, Sarah Gallop, Maggie Keeler, Sarah Marino, Doug McCall Taylor, Bill McCarter, Kathy Mortensen, Elizabeth Rozmanith, Susan Rozmanith, Jennie Ryan, Andy Spiegel, and Kathleen Zagata