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    Saturday September 25th 9:30am to 12:30pm

    Dear Friends,

    We are looking for a few more repair experts from 9:30am to 12:30pm on Saturday September 25th. We have a handful of eager volunteers and we are looking for a handful more.

    This is our first Repair Cafe and we hope to have a fun and engaging time meeting Winchester friends and sharing skills and stories about the benefits of repairing rather than throwing away. This is a free for all event, though we hope to be able to get a small grant to cover some operating costs and we will accept donations on the day.

    For our repair volunteers, this will be part repair and part mentoring folk how to be able to finish the repair and/or be able to tackle it themselves.
    We need people who are handy with:

    1. Sewing repairs; all textiles, mending jeans or denim, hems, torn pockets/seams, patches etc. leather, stuffed toys, no zipper repairs. Darning/ felting socks or holey sweaters.
    2.  Jewelry repair; costume jewelry, re-stringing.
    3.  Small electrical appliances such as toasters, hand blenders, hairdryers, irons, lamps.
    4.  Bicycle repair (have specific repairs designated – tire repair, putting chains back on, brakes). Children’s bikes and perhaps specific items for adult bikes. For example: cleaning the tight-fitting cycle stand and lubricating it again, raising the saddle of a child’s bike, fixing a loose reflector. Or mending a tire. This would be demonstrations to small groups rather than one on one repair.
    5. Repair ceramics, porcelain such as vases or plates. Repairing other articles such as plastic trays, plastic serving dishes. Air drying mending putty. Touching up etc. Someone who feels comfortable using glue, tapes electrical and duct tape, string table, cable ties. An all-round fixer.
    6.  Repairing furniture toys or other non-wireless items. We need a good carpenter or hobby woodworker.
      This maybe one station where the volunteer could bring in examples of things like wobbly chair legs, etc. to demonstrate “how to” in case items are too big to bring in.
    7.  Toy repairs.

    Do you have a special repair skill we haven’t thought of?


    In addition, we are also looking for a few hosts or hostesses for the meeting. This will be welcoming visitors and serving as a contact point for both visitors and repairers in the Repair Cafe as well as serving refreshments. Home bakers can help with yummy cake or biscuit donations.

    If you want to know more about the Repair Cafe’s history?
    Look at the international website; Repaircafe.org/en
    Want to sign up as a volunteer?
    Send an email to karen.repaircafewin@gmail.com