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  • Signs of the Times!

    “Ask, and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” —Matthew 7:7

    Sometimes guests, visitors, and newcomers to our church have to do a lot of asking, seeking and knocking in order to find their way through our lovely but labyrinthine church building. Sometimes “Our meeting is in the Tucker Room” or “your child is in the Vinton Room” or “coffee is in Chidley” just isn’t enough. So your commissioned Signage Team is working to make our building more accessible and understandable to our guests, “welcoming all with joy” and with directions!

    So far you’ve probably noticed handicapped parking signs that have gone up on three corners of our property directing the way for the disabled to enter our building and reminding everyone else of exactly where they are. New exterior signs have been added to the side church office/preschool entrances, as well as outside the Chidley Hall and Ripley Chapel doors. Hopefully in May you will be welcomed into our lobby by a wall map (and portable walk-around maps) of the interior of our building with all rooms and spaces, levels and stairways, inhabitants and organizations, labeled clearly! Hooray!

    Our aim and hope is that those who are asking, seeking and knocking will find their way… through our building but also at times into a new relationship with God through our faith community.

    In Faith,

    —The Signage Team (Alex Rohall (chair), Rev. Will Burhans, Anne Hoenicke, Keith Russell, Andrew Sansom and Kathleen Zagata)