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  • This Sunday in Worship

    Every year the gospel reading on the Sunday after Easter is John 20:19-31, the one we call Doubting Thomas.  It feels a little like an escape valve – letting out a bit of the uncertainty we may have around the Resurrected Jesus.  In the manner of the Emperor’s New Clothes, Thomas says what others may already be thinking, but hesitate to say.  It is a testament to Thomas’ trust of Jesus that he asks for what he needs.  In the event, though, when Thomas is offered the wounds in Jesus’ hands and side to examine, he backs away.  This Sunday, we will spend a little time putting ourselves in Thomas’ place and experiencing Jesus’ response.

    We will welcome another child of God into the church universal and this church specifically when we baptize Avery Judith Nordstrom, daughter of Eric and Erin Nordstrom.  We hope you can join us – 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary.