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  • Trans Day of Visibility

    Dear Siblings in Christ, 


    This Friday, we celebrate trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in our communities and around the world. On March 31 each year, Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) recognizes the beautiful lives of trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people and the gifts and talents they weave into the tapestry of humanity. 


    LGBTQ+ advocacy organization GLAAD calls TDoV “a day to celebrate the lives and contributions of trans people, while also drawing attention to the poverty, discrimination, and violence the community faces” (2023). Trans advocate Rachel Crandall created TDoV “in response to the overwhelming majority of media stories about transgender people being focused on violence. She hoped to create a day where people could re-focus on celebrating the lives of transgender people, empowering them to live authentically” (GLAAD 2023). 


    As a faith community within the Body of Christ, we are called to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39). Scripture reads, “See what love God has given us, that we should be called children of God, and that is what we are” (1 John 3:1). Transgender people are children of God. Non-binary people are children of God. Gender non-conforming people are children of God. By loving God’s children, we fulfill God’s commandments. We love God when we love our Siblings and recognize their inherent dignity and Divinity (1 John 5:2). 


    There are many ways that we can love our Siblings and fulfill God’s call. Some of these ways include recognizing and using correct pronouns and names, watching and reading content made by trans and queer folks, and donating to organizations that support trans folks, particularly in the cases of housing, clothing, food insecurity, anti-trans and anti-queer violence, and gender-affirming care. 


    How is God calling you to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility? What is one way you can spread God’s message to your community? How can we, as a faith community, welcome more of God’s children into our lives? 


    Peace and gratitude on this blessed day of celebration!


    In Christ,

    Rev. Maeve Hammond