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  • Urgent: Housing for RIM Family Needed

    Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM) Metro North Clusters is asking for your help in finding an apartment in Melrose, Malden, Wakefield, Stoneham, Winchester, Saugus, Everett, Chelsea or other surrounding towns for our current client and her four children.  RIM is hoping to find a two-bedroom apartment, although some realtors are saying that five people will require three bedrooms.  School begins the last week in August, and it would be very beneficial to locate an apartment as soon as possible in order for the children to register for school (if outside of Melrose).  The family is currently living in Melrose and the children are registered in the Melrose Schools. The cluster is hoping to find an apartment with rent plus utility costs of between $1500 and $2000.

    Thanks to our congregation’s generosity, (as well as other congregations in the cluster), Metro North Cluster has raised sufficient funds to pay for housing for this family through the end of the year. Unfortunately, in the past few weeks, the family’s rental housing has become untenable and they must move in August.

    We are also in need of a host home (or two).  The family must move this weekend and will be moving into a host home in Melrose for a few weeks.  Since it may take us some time to find an apartment rental we likely will need an additional host(s) to shelter the family for a number of weeks.

    If you know of an apartment, please call the RIM office at 781-322-1011. If you have interest or information about a possible host home or questions or further ideas, please contact Bruce Alexander or Linda Alexander.

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