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  • Ripley Chapel Renovations Report #2

    August 1, 2019

    July has been busy with a lot of basic work being done such as demolition, asbestos abatement, electrical and lots and lots of details being hammered out in preparation for a very, very busy August. We are on schedule and there have been no ugly surprises found that will upset our pace. We continue to be very attentive to any questions about asbestos as the electricians and plumbers drill through walls and floors. We plan to do some additional sampling/testing of some areas.


    The new window wall has been prepared for the next key steps, setting in new cast concrete support columns and then setting in a steel beam just under the Mothers’ Window stain glass. Once that is completed we will punch through the rest of the wall. The new Pella window has been manufactured and shipped.


    Here is what the window wall looks like today with the temporary braces in place:


    A few of our team climbed up the scaffolding that stands against the wall on the outside . We examined the existing cast stone surrounding the Mothers’ Window and compared it to samples of new cast stone so we could select a matching color. While we were up there one of us took this picture which should be exactly what you will see when our new window is in place (minus the metal beams of the scaffolding).

    Thanks to everyone’s generosity we are staying good to budget and have not had any costly surprises. But prayers are still welcome as we move this forward. And we are still on schedule for completion by the end of this month (August).

    Ripley Chapel Working Group.

    Bruce Alexander