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  • Visit FCCW’s Brand New Environmental Justice Webpage

    It with much enthusiasm that the Environmental Justice team of First Congregational Church, welcomes you to come and visit our new webpage. When you first come through our “front door” you’ll also be greeted by this stunning new logo!  Applause goes to Haliana Burhans and her boyfriend Daniel Khudyak for bringing innovation, artistry, and scripture together in the logo’s creation.  And a special “shout-out” goes to Nancy Kneiss, whose technical expertise, persistence and vision pulled together the actual webpage itself as well as revising the top-level menus to accommodate these changes.  Kudos as well go to Sarah Marino for providing additional technical assistance and support along the way.

    Aside from its current content – including an introduction as to what Environmental Justice is and the progress we’ve made thus far – additional features are forthcoming soon including a segment about our Repair Cafe initiative as well as Bringing Our Faith to the Public Square through Voting in the 2020 election.

    You can find us on the FCCW website under Outreach & Justice at https://fcc-winchester.com/ or go to our page directly at https://fcc-winchester.com/environmental-justice/.  We look forward to your visit!