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  • This Sunday in Worship

    This Sunday is a transitional Sunday – we are no longer in Epiphany; and not yet in Lent. We are at Transfiguration Sunday. Epiphany means showing or revealing. The texts of this period are intended to let us know who Jesus is. They come after Christmas as if we were getting to know a newly born Messiah. And we have, through the long focus on the Sermon on the Mount, come to know a lot about Jesus – his preference for those on the margins, his expectations from his disciples and his instructions to show love, even when we are asked to show it to those who take advantage of us. This Sunday, the Transfiguration – Jesus’ spectral transformation on a mountaintop – is as if he is saying, “for those of you who didn’t get it yet – here is who I am.” That affirmation of Jesus, declaring his divine source, is good material with which to enter Lent. Come sing, pray and worship with us this Sunday.