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  • Health Ministry Coffee Hour Sunday Feb 26

    Centering through Prayer with Meditation in Movement

    Health Ministry Coffee Hour Sunday!  Join Health Ministry in the Tucker Room for tasty mid morning snacks and suggestions for Lenten Centering practices.  Nanci Church will introduce a meditation in movement called Qigong. Movement such as Qigong and Yoga stills the self while prayer centers us in Christ.

    Discernment Question: Is there ONE lifestyle change- mind, body or spirit that practiced for the 40 days of Lent (March 1 through April 15) would create greater health and well-being?  This is the aim of the “Lenten 40 Challenge” which Health Ministry invites you to try.  A lifestyle challenge may be a daily expression of gratitude, fasting after dinner until breakfast, centering each day in prayer or incorporating brain healthy foods and oils in meal planning.  You decide the personal challenge- remember just one!

    For additional information, see the health Ministry email updates or contact Health Ministry members, Pam Budner and Nanci Church.