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Health Ministry Programs

The Health Ministry sponsors several programs:

Caring NetworkTrust in the Promise 3-crop

The Caring Network is comprised of congregants who reach out to others with a meal or practical gifts in times of acute illness, transition or unexpected need. The network is an organized extension of the care we offer one another.

Wish to suggest the name of an individual or family in need? Wish to join the network? Contact Susan RozmanithMaria Fernando, or Kathleen Zagata.


Flower Committee


The Flower Committee brings a touch of joy to those members celebrating one of life’s milestones, or who find themselves at home for reasons of health, or who could simply use a lift. Using the altar flowers, eight volunteers serve once a month to design and deliver floral arrangements after Sunday service or early in the week. The monthly commitment of each member is a maximum of 3-4 hours.

Do you have a youth, individual or family that you would like flowers delivered to? Would you like to learn more about being membership on the Flower Committee? Contact: Sally Hawksworth and Kellee Fiske, co-chairs, or Kathleen Zagata.


Prayer Shawl MinistryPrayer-Shawl-2-crop

Shawls are symbols of an unconditional loving God.
They wrap, enfold, comfort mother and beautify.
—Janet Severi Bristow

Made in prayer, shawls are passed on hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart. When we bestow a prayer shawl, we gather in a circle to bless the shawl that it will encircle the receiver in God’s love and peace. A personalized note and explanation accompany the gift.

Shawls are gifted for many reasons:

  • For support during Illness, recovery, when a person is undergoing a medical procedure;
  • For comfort after a loss or during times of stress or transition.
  • To acknowledge life’s milestone, birth, graduation, anniversary, ordination, a new address.

If you would like a youth, individual or family to receive a shawl, please contact Kathleen Zagata, Health Minister, kathleenzag@gmail.com

Wish to donate a prayer shawl? We welcome knitters and crotcheters from the wider community to create and donate a prayer shawl? For questions regarding knitting or crocheting a prayer shawl, please contact Karen Lauterwasser.


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