• 11th Hour in Ripley, March 1st, 2020 – Safe Communities Act Presentation

    On Sunday, March 1 there will be an informational meeting led by Immigrant Justice Committee Co-Chairs Phil Coonley and Karen Hirschfeld on the Safe Communities Act. It is open to everyone. About 60 other Massachusetts towns and cities have already adopted Safe Communities Act provisions in their police policies, including some of Winchester’s neighboring towns, Medford, Arlington, Lexington and Belmont. The Network wants Winchester to also adopt such polices, as well as clarify similar immigrant friendly “Welcoming” polices in our schools, hospital, and businesses. The presentation will include video clips from a recent Network public meeting featuring a Mass ACLU lawyer and a Belmont real estate agent and activist. Please come, discuss, and perhaps share stories about how you or someone you know might benefit from the state or your town being a Safe or “Welcoming” Community.

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