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  • A Repair Cafe is Coming to Winchester!

    The Environmental Ministry committee is excited to announce that it will be moving forward in developing a Repair Cafe.  Aside from the support of those who attended Sunday’s meeting, we hope and pray that interest will build as we work to build a coalition base.  A special thank you to Karen Bellacosa, whose investigative work has demonstrated the viability of such an initiative.

    Began in the Netherlands, the Repair Café Foundation has the following goals: a) To bring repairing back into local society in a modern way.  b) To maintain repair expertise and spread this knowledge. c) To promote social cohesion in the local community by bringing people together from different backgrounds – while benefitting the larger environment too

    There are currently Repair Cafés operating successfully in the northeast including Salem, Framingham, and Newburyport, MA.  Melrose is working towards starting one also.   We will keep you posted on this exciting development.