A Time to Connect Again; A Time to Begin Again.

    These past two years have been a challenge for everyone, especially those of us who have children. In the midst of handling our own anxieties, moods, doubts and exhaustion, we have had to be sometimes the sole source of stability and guides for our children.  No matter what their ages, our children have had to cope with an ever-changing landscape of what their world feels like and looks like to them. This has left parents and their children feeling unsure and rather lost at times.  FCCW is offering a 3-session discussion group for parents.  This will be a safe place to listen to each other, unburden yourselves, and get ideas about how to re-establish a sense of competency in you and your children.  The discussion leader, Rick Irving, is a Winchester social worker (and parent) with over 45 years experience working with children from pre-school into college.  Each group meeting will start with a particular topic introduced by Rick, followed by discussion and sharing of ideas as we open ourselves to help for our own families, for ourselves and for each other.  Sessions will be held over Zoom on Sundays from 4-5 PM beginning March 27th. 

    • Session One (3/27): Why is my kid doing that?!?! (How kids think, and how they perceive our actions, and what to do to make ourselves more effective in helping our children.)
    • Session Two (4/3): How do I handle the rough patches for myself and my kid? (Ways and words to set limits, encourage emotional development, and not lose your cool.)
    • Session Three (4/10): How do I talk to my kids?  I feel like I can’t get through to help them. (Interacting with your kid in ways that foster competence and keep you sane.)

    Register to attend one or all three sessions.