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  • Building Use Request Form (Rental) and Procedure

    Building Use Request Form
    Building Use Request Form

    The Ministry and Facilities Ministry Teams, in conjunction with the Building Manager, have begun a building rental procedure that will apply to all rentals from both members, tenants, and non-members seeking to use the building. If you go to the church web site, click the far left drop down “I’m New Here”, then scroll down to “Sharing & Renting Our Space”. Scroll down and you will find the Building Use Request Form.

    When this form is submitted, it is directly distributed to the MT which will determine which requests are aligned with the Mission of the church before the request reaches the Building Manager and Facilities. For example, a harp playing trio will probably get a rousing approval, but a heavy metal group during Holy Week will not pass muster!

    Once approved by the Ministry Team, the request goes to the Building Manager who will contact the requester to determine the availability of the date and time of the event and then work to refine the details of the rental. This two-step process will ensure that the rentals are aligned with the church Mission and properly organized into the church calendar.

    We hope this process will help us to properly address the needs of the renter and ensure we provide the proper staff to attend to the rental request. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we incorporate new procedures to enhance the use and operation of our building.

    Ed Banzy
    Building Manager