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  • Calling All Our Young Blooming Artists

    Dear FCC Families,


    In March 2020, Health Ministry set up the Virtual Visitation Network. Visitors checked in with our members at home and in care centers to make sure that they had computer access and notice of our online worship services. Additionally, we distributed supplies to those who could not risk going out. (E.g. Cloth masks, thermometers, hand sanitizer.) Throughout the summer we plan to reach out to members socially distancing through special interest zoom sessions, flowers, cards, calls and special mailings.


    With school ending we thought this might be a time when our church families could take part. Would you be interested in making a card and flower drawing that would be sent to a homebound member for a birthday, special occasion or simply to say God loves you?




    Ask yourself first: What kind of flowers, types of leaves and colors will I use? What size, shape, and colors will the vase be? Will the vase have a pattern or design? Is the vase of flowers on a tabletop? What color is the background? Use your favorite art supplies or what you have on hand.
    • On an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, draw a vase of flowers.
    • Then make a CARD by folding a second sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in half.
    • On the cover, write and color one of the following greetings:
    or your favorite greeting
    • Want to add a few flowers to the cover like in your drawing?
    • Leave the inside of the card – blank.
    • ON the back cover, you or your parent can print in the lower 1/4 of the page.
    We are a VVN Family- 2020
               Blessings sent by the (last name) family.
               Artist: (first name and age of youth)
    • Please deliver by Thursday, July 9th
    • Mail back to FCC-Health Ministry, 21 Church Street, Winchester, MA 01890
    • Or leave in the HM box in the church office lobby
    Dix St door is open: Mon-Friday 7 am – 3 pm. Masks required for entry.
    • Feel free to share this project with another church family.
    • For questions, contact Kristen Herlihy.
                  Many Thanks for Participating!
                          Your Health Ministry Committee