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  • Fellowship and Service Team (FAST) program

    Dear friends,


    Our faith community is strong, and we are always seeking ways to help one another and deepen our bonds. As we approach January and MLK’s Day of Service, and as the pandemic continues to disrupt our ‘normal’ lives, we seek ways to unburden our fellow parishioners and care for each other.


    The Outreach Ministry of FCCW is starting a Fellowship and Service Team (FAST), piloting it during the month of January. Parishioners can ask for assistance for a variety of things, and we will work to partner them with volunteers who can help. Here’s how it will work:


    If you have a need:

    For people with an immediate need – perhaps you have to quarantine, you have a family emergency, or you’re disabled in some way.


    If you can volunteer:

    Volunteers can offer help with various types of activities

    • Fill out this form to volunteer
    • A coordinator will contact you when a request matches your preferred activities
    • Complete the request and let the coordinator know you’re done


    What types of requests can be fulfilled?

    Requests should be ones that a volunteer can reasonably and safely do. Examples may include:

      • Walking dogs
      • Running errands – post office, drug store, etc.
    • Please note that many stores offer delivery so a volunteer may not be necessary
    • Shoveling snow
    • Making a meal
    • Taking trash/recycling to the transfer station
    • Technology assistance
    • Others – feel free to ask – we’ll do it if we can!