• Join Us for Health Ministry Sunday Worship & Healing Service at 10 am (February 9, 2020)


    Health Ministry Sunday Worship & Healing Service

    Connecting faith and well-being, mind, body and spirit.


    One of the most prevalent problems today is the need for handling busyness and chronic overload. Adults and youth alike come to church in an effort to discover deeper spiritual meaning for their lives in the midst of that overload. What might busy people learn from Jesus? He was never rushed. He didn’t cater to the demands of the world. He wasn’t overwhelmed by life; even though he had an enormous mission to complete in a short period of time. Might the Lord be our pace-setter? We will explore this question in psalm and jazz on Sunday.


    And what might we learn from a resting Jesus during a storm? Come and hear an account of a severe storm on the Sea of Galilee, to worship Him who commands all manner of winds and waves and to pray that we experience the presence of God in the storms of our own lives.





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