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  • Centering Prayer

    “Winter is the seat of what will come, the freeze that reminds us of the thaw, the hope pensively waiting, the moment pausing, the rhythm at its nadir but poised to begin its upward swing.”       -Schmidt & Felch

    No matter how cold it is outside, we have a way to warm the heart. Join us for Centering Prayer- THIS SUNDAY at 9:15-9:45 AM

    As caregivers of the spiritual, mental and physical health of others we often have a long list of things we “should” do each day.  At times the list includes the many actions and interactions we want to accomplish. What may be lost is the opportunity to quietly just “be”.

    Join us for Centering Prayer- Sunday, January 27th at 9:15 AM    

    Using a sacred word, Centering Prayer draws one’s focus and attention to interior stillness and opens us to God’s presence and action within.  Join us in the Palmer Room next Sunday from 9:15-9:45 AM. Pam Budner will introduce and guide the prayer session which is open to both those new and experienced in the practice.