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  • The Open Door of Blessing: A Contemplative Lenten Retreat

    Saturday March 14, 2020

    10 am to 2 pm at First Congregational Church, 21 Church Street, Winchester.

    The Beatitudes are a doorway to contemplation. Reflection, conversation and prayer around a beautiful gospel passage.

    Retreat sponsored by the Health & Wellness Ministry at First Congregational Church of Winchester, 21 Church Street. “Connecting faith and well-being, mind, body and spirit.”

    We will treat the Beatitudes, a brief passage from Jesus’ first sermon in the gospel of Matthew, as a beautiful, ancient text for slow reflection. We will address perennial questions about the text and use word and image to open it up. We will reflect on it as a resource for service and spiritual freedom, leaving with a word or phrase to reflect on further.

    Liu Sicheng, Unsplash.com)

    Retreat Leader Rev. Jonathan Carey Goodell

    My years of experience as pastor have trained my ear to listen to stories and to hear the ribbon of grace woven into another person’s life.   I enjoy the gospels.  I pause with poetry.  I believe that God shows up unexpectedly when the heart is open.

    Practicalities: we will take a free will offering, to cover some of the costs of the meal and materials. The  lunch will be peanut free and vegan friendly.  Once registered, If you are unable to attend, please contact the retreat leader at jcg.3bell@gmail.com.  Messages can also be left for Kathleen Zagata, Minister of Health and Wellness, at 781-729-9180 ext 106.   And should there be uncertainties about the weather you can expect a  note by email to clarify our arrangements.

    Our welcome table will open at 9:30 so that we can begin together at 10.

    Rev. Jonathan Carey Goodell, United Church of Christ